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Our Day at Haulover Beach

This past Sunday we found ourselves with the entire day to spend doing nothing but soaking up the sun in South Florida. We spent the day before doing a photo shoot for a Mississippi apparel company, so we were beat. A relaxing day at the beach was definitely welcomed!

We arrived early to find the gay section of Haulover already busy. Since it’s clothing optional, we found our spot beside some beefy, muscular guys that were already naked. Our view during the day was definitely important.

Ace stripped immediately and I proceeded to take a nap under the umbrella. He loves the all-over tan, so he applied sunscreen and planted himself under the clear, blue sky. The warm breeze, salt air and swinging dicks made for a perfect environment.

As the beach filled, we actually saw folks we knew…and some we wanted to! The beach goers are very friendly there, to say the least. Groups of friends seemed open to socializing with each other, so it was a welcoming scene.

At one point, Ace was trying to take pics of his dick with me in the background, but ended up attracting a lot of attention. We had several offers to help and ended up hanging out on our chairs with several hot guys. Of course there was flirting, then a little playing with dicks, then a little dick sucking. The entire beach was electric with sexual energy, so it encouraged us to stay ALL DAY! We were just about the last ones to leave! Lol

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