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Updated: Dec 27, 2023

We love Zipolite so much! It's the perfect blend of beauty, beach, and nudity! This time we took a

group with us, so you'll be seeing lots of Legrand Wolf, Cole Blue, and Coach Matt. Our new friend Adam Stone was part of the fun, too! And we had amazing massages with Arturo Dawa! We spent nearly two weeks there in November soaking up the sun and fucking each other! We can't wait to show you!

Folks always ask where we stay in Zipolite. We also use the el Alquimista for home base. It's not easy to access, but it's a fantastic spot once you get there. We fly into Hualtuco or Puerto Escondido. There aren't too many options for flights, so plan ahead if you go.

The food is amazing everywhere you eat. It's all fresh and locally sourced. There's no such thing as McDonald's or Starbucks, so it's real food made by real locals. It's heavy on seafood, so if that's your thing, you'll love it.

If you've ever been to Tulum on the Caribbean side, Zipolite is what Tulum was 25 years ago, just with lots of nudity. It's the largest clothing optional beach in North America. We highly recommend it.

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