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Carnal Exclusives!

I stopped working with adult studios in 2003 when Ace and I got together. We decided to focus our energy on the relationship between us and not have to manage the demands of studio sex. Plus, I moved to Mississippi, so it's not like there are too many opportunities here

As you might know, we started creating fans page content in 2018. It began mainly as a mechanism for enthusiastic fans (we love our followers) to see images of us together as a couple because we got so many requests on social media. It was just easier that way and we didn't really think the "fans craze" would amount to too much for us specifically. We were wrong about that! Today, the fans experience is more important to us than we thought possible. The secondary benefit is that it's actually a great way to bring us closer in our personal relationship. You can say it's a passion project and labor of love! ❤️

All the years I was in the adult industry, I never trusted just one company or one studio to represent me exclusively. I always took great pride in being independent and flexible, able to adjust to different organizations and environments for whatever the scene dictated. Plus, we never wanted to jeopardize relationships built through the fans page experience after we established that connection. So, when we met the folks at Carnal and just clicked with Legrand Wolf and his staff, we started having conversations about how we could continue working together. Happily, their vision and ours aligned precisely, so we are happy to announce an EXCLUSIVE partnership with Carnal+.

We've already shot a series of scenes with that will begin posting in September with guys like Adam Snow, Damien Grey, Serg Shepard and others. After that, you'll see more content across their spectrum of platforms. Needless to say, we are looking forward to some hot fucking with the beautiful men and boys there.

Making the transition to being exclusive models is exciting and offers new opportunities for the future, so I'm happy to give up my independent status. Of course, we'll keep engaging you in all the ways we have in the past. Just look for the quality of what we do to only get better ...and hotter! 🥵

Stay tuned!


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