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Bathhouse Bonanza

We’ve been on the road quite a lot lately Making content. Part of our travels has taken us to several local bathhouses. We visited them in Denver, Fort Lauderdale, and Atlanta to sample the local vibe.

Honestly, we quite often just end up fucking each other. We enjoy walking the halls seeing who’s in the rooms with open doors, what action is going on in the dark areas, and then hanging out for a while in the wet areas. Ace’s favorite is to be edged, though. He LOVES us sitting together in the video room while others pass by watching while I stroke his cock. Sometimes I don’t even need him to edge me. I enjoy him being hard for several hours straight while I keep him close. It makes the load unbelievably big.

In Denver, we visited Midtown Spa. It’s a multi-level property with a great dungeon area. The dark maze was really active that night and Ace wanted to sit there for us to edge. Eventually we attracted the attention of a young college student who didn’t say a word, he just knelt in front of us, took both dicks in hand, and started sucking. After 30 minutes of putting on a show for the others, we took him up the the room for a very thorough fucking. We traded him off between us until we both blew our loads in him.

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