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At The Worthington, Clothing is Optional

As you may have noticed by now, we aren’t too shy out in public. Well, Ace certainly isn’t, but he tends to bring out my inner exhibitionist at times. However, exhibitionism really isn’t the only motivator for staying at clothing optional places.

When we first started to stay at gay resorts, we realized pretty fast that it was more than just about sex. There was a camaraderie there and an easiness that came unexpectedly. It’s nice just shed all your inhibitions and the repression that clothing can represent and be who you really are. No judgement, no fear, and no shame. It really is liberating.

Now don’t get me wrong, the sex here always seems more intense. Maybe it’s because there’s a natural sexual energy built up already. But it could be that we are just more in tune with each other’s wavelength, too. Whatever the case, we do enjoy our time at these places.

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