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Training and Diet

The gym is a big part of our life. We take it pretty seriously and try to never miss a day. Our workout routine is to do one body part a day and avoid cardio whenever possible! Ace and I have a lot of things in common, but one of our strongest bonds is our hatred of cardio…lol. Obviously, that puts a lot of pressure on diet. So, since it’s so expensive to eat a healthy lifestyle, our grocery bill usually runs about $400 each week. Protein is expensive!

We get a lot of questions about what we eat, but we tell folks that it’s surprising we haven’t sprouted feathers. The menu is a lot of chicken and turkey. Our breakfast is even a dozen eggs between us in the morning with turkey sausage…lol. Lots of bird flesh 🐓

We space meals about 3 hours apart and try to eat six times a day. Sometimes a meal can just be a protein bar or shake. But, taking calories consistently is the key for us.

And we do actually have to do some cardio, especially as we get older. We have a treadmill and a stationary bike in front of TVs in the basement, so as long as we have a distraction! Lol. It works enough for us to get it in when we need it.

Our workout routine right now is:

Day 1 = chest

Day 2 = back

Day 3 = shoulders

Day 4 = arms

Day 5 = legs

Day 6 = cardio or start over

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You are both in excellent shape! Congratulations on having trained hard to achieve muscular physiques! You are both awesome and you both look awesome ad well! Many many congratulations to you both for being motivated to train hard. You both deserve success.


Dec 11, 2021

What exercises do you guys like to do to work out your chests? I’m trying to refine my routine, and it seems like you and Ace definitely have the secret formula 😂

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