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Shooting with Mark Henderson

we had the privilege of shooting with one of the most talented artists creating male image art these days. Mark Henderson invited us to shoot with him at his studio in Houston and we happily took a special trip there to participate!

His process is amazingly efficient. He has coordinated backdrops made out of different items he inventories on site to create his colorful and vibrant scenes. He only uses natural lighting, so his work has to be very precise. A lot of what he does is achieved off camera in his digital lab. He can even capture a low light image and creat magic after its on his screen.

Unfortunately, he had a cold snap right before we shot, so the vegetation around his pool had died. The water was also way too chilly, so we couldn’t shoot his iconic set up with wet shirt. It’s ok, though. Hopefully we will have another chance to shoot with him soon :)

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