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OnlyFans Turnaround

OnlyFans reversed course! If you haven’t seen it in news reports, OnlyFans planned to ban most adult content on its platform beginning Oct 1, 2021. It announced that no sexual contact would be allowed in any way…no self pleasuring, no simulated sex, no intercourse. They would only allow naked photos, but nothing in an aroused state. This would affect 90% of our content on our VIP page and nearly 100% on our free page.

Today, August 25, they reversed course due to the outcry from the creating community and from subscribers. It seems they heard the pleas and experienced some vicious backlash. So, apparently they gave it a second thought.

All our content has always been duplicated on, so we have been prepared for some sort of doomsday scenario on OF. However, most don’t have a second option and were left scrambling. We make content because we enjoy it, but many sex workers make a living from the OF platform.

So, OF says their banks and the credit card companies have given assurances that hosting graphic content like ours will not be an issue now. It appears they got some concessions due to impending financial losses. However, we will continue to support and now to make sure you always have


We definitely don’t want all our naughty eggs in one porn basket! 😈

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