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Massage and Fuck Weekend

Living in Tupelo we use Atlanta as our getaway spot. We were due for some heavy fucking, so we loaded up the massage table, rented a really spacious condo at Ponce Market and let the hot men flow through. That entrance was like a revolving door of sex! So fucking hot. First up was Pup Capitan. He just oozes this puppy dog sexiness that makes you want to grab him from behind and just pet that furry chest. The face makes you melt and we both couldn’t get enough of exploring his sexy mouth. He loves taking dick, so we made sure his ass was well used before we blew loads in him.

The next day we got his husband on our table. Bandit is a beefy bodybuilder with pierced cock who eats 4000 calories a day. He’s a massive fire plug of a man who’s been a big fan of my massage videos. I wanted to make this one extra special for him, so brought in Ace for some four-hands action after I put him through some stretching and rub-down time. After Ace mounts him and releases a huge load, Bandit and I spend some special one-on-one time together.

After that, the amazing James Fox (furryfitfox) paid us a visit. We worked over the fucking sofa. Actually, it became a fucking sofa…lol. I hope we captured it on video, but his piercing blue eyes, thick, wavy hair and rocking hard body make him any gay man’s fantasy. He’s absolutely gorgeous and LOVES to get fucked. He walked in to our place wearing these skin-tight white shorts perfectly formed to his perfect ass and I knew we were going to have fun! Plus, he’s so much fun to just hang out with. Just an amazing guy all around.

Then, we had separate sessions set up with Masyn Thorne and Mateo Muscle. Mateo was visiting from Salt Lake City and is an amazing muscular bodybuilder. Masyn is an uber sexy twink with a nonstop hardon. We had such a fun time with him on the massage table that we weren’t finished with the fun once the massage was over. He hung out for a while waiting on Mateo. He said he wanted to be face fucked by three daddy cocks, so we had him wait in the bedroom and surprise Mateo with him waiting for us. To say the least, it was an intense encounter with this sexy bro on his knees servicing three muscle cocks.

Thoroughly exhausted, we packed up our table and drove back home to rest from our weekend getaway! I think the Chamber of Commerce could capitalize on sex tourism in Atlanta! Let us know what you think.

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