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Itinerantur Interruptus

We were in Scottsdale for one of Ace’s work trips and I tagged along. A client texted at the last minute wanting us to arrange group play in Palm Springs at this estate near downtown. The action had us hooked, but the house itself was something else entirely…so, of course we said yes!

So, during the middle of our trip to Arizona, we hopped a flight to Palm Springs. It’s a quick trip, so no problem. When we arrived, it definitely lived up to the hype. Gorgeous main house with a huge pool house complex detached. There was even a beautiful and productive citrus orchard on the grounds (Ace is infatuated).

We set up the sling in one of the huge pool house bedrooms and had five others meet us that evening for adult time. It was very intense and lasted most of the night, of course. Definitely worth the trip up. However, the next day didn’t go so well.

We arrived at the airport about an hour before the flight that morning, so we’d only been in PS about 14 hours. Obviously we were beat. When we sat down to our little breakfast, we started getting delay notices on our phones from the airline. In the time it took us to eat, the flight had been pushed later three times.

Like I said at the beginning, we were on a business trip for Ace‘a work and he HAD to be back at a certain time. The delay notices were already going to make him late IF the flight didn’t get canceled. No guarantee, right?

So, what do we do? Risk missing his work event all together by waiting to see what happens? Look for a different flight? Look for another airline? Hitchhike? Since we knew it wasn’t looking good and you can’t trust the airlines, we just rented a car and drove the ENTIRE way back. It takes more than four hours to drive!

We kept watching the flight, and sure enough it didn’t fly until that night. It turned out to be a beautiful day for a drive and Ace made it to his event about 90 minutes late. We have a good story tell, made the client happy, and had a helluva time with new play friends! So, being spontaneous doesn’t always work out like you think, but it can make for a good adventure! 😉

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