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Cruising the Caribbean!

We were ready for a getaway and we’d never really done a cruise together, so we thought…why not. It wasn’t the Atlantis fuck-cruise since we were with family, but we still did plenty of naughtiness on our own.

We hit some popular ports of call, including the typical Cancun. Since we don’t like to do the ship-sponsored things, we found a great private beach club that had some secluded areas. The two of us spent a little time in a coconut grove getting a little release with each other. Jacking off and while people are waking down the beach about 50 feet from you is fairly exhilarating.

After Cancun, we stopped in Belize where we traveled by a LONG water taxi ride out to Caye Caulker. Our excursion there took us out to Shark Alley to swim nurse sharks and sting rays. Absolutely amazing feeling intentionally getting into the water with them, but really, they are just the Labrador puppies of the ocean. They just wanted treats. Such a cool experience!

Next up was a stay in Roatan off the coast of Honduras. We rode four wheelers through the jungle, played with monkeys and parrots and even got to hold sloths! The sloths are like big babies. They just want to wrap their arms around you and hold on. It’s some good lovin’! 🦥

Sea days were fairly leisurely. Since it was a straight cruise, we would get some pretty good stares wearing speedos around the deck. Obviously we didn’t care, but it was funny. Otherwise, we got in some good alone-time in the room and caught up on the fucking we’d been short on lately! We love vacations!

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