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Anniversary Trip to Denver

Ace had to be in Denver for work this week, so I tagged along and worked remotely from the hotel. We stayed over for a long and ate, shopped and fucked our way through the city.

The first night we arrived, we met Daddy Riley. If you don’t know who he is, we definitely recommend finding him. Such a hot, total top stud. We made some insane content to share on the fans pages.

Our time touring the Broadway area of town was full of vintage shopping and small-plate eating. Voodoo Donuts definitely turned Friday into a cheat day! Debauchery continued with a stop at one of the multiple dispensaries. The one we found had it’s own grow house behind a glass wall, so we got a first hand lesson in pot production.

After touring town, we met Skyler Roberts for some more fucking. He is a tall, lean Southern boy transplanted to Denver. Being versatile meant that there was lots of flipping going on for the content we made. Ace’s load was amazing!

Skylar got us tickets to a private dance party that night. It was held in the basement of an old church, so we found it ironic that it was actually a clothing-optional sex party. The music was awful, but fucking several guys on the dance floor was absolutely memorable!

The next night we found our way to the Midtowne Spa, so you can imagine what happened there. Ace and I sat and stroked each other naked in the basement while selecting somebody to take back to the room. This lean, ripped young stud made his way over, got on his knees and took turns deep throating us both. We took him back to the room and I was a happy sandwich…fucking him while Ace loaded my ass.

I think we’ll be back to Denver! We had an amazing time and didn’t do nearly enough hot men. Hopefully the next trip will be soon!

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