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Adoption papers filed! 😂

While I was in him, Paco said “my 15 year old self is having a dream come true now”! We immediately filed adoption papers ! OMG!!

We met @pacolombiano_ and his husband in Atlanta recently and decided to get together for a relaxing afternoon. Paco answered the door naked, so we knew it was going to be something special! We love confidence in a man, for sure. And his husband is just a sexy with an enormous dick, too!

Once they corralled their 150lb Alaskan Malamute, we retired to the bedroom and proceeded to enjoy each other for the next hour. We prefer versatile couples the most, so it definitely extended the play combos and opportunities.

The best part of the encounter was the chemistry, though. Nothing made up or acted here. They are both passionate and giving, so it’s difficult not to be drawn in to their world.

we can’t wait for the adoption to be complete…lol.

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